Urban Micro Units

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Private    :  Client
San Diego, CA    : Location
Mixed-Use    :  Program
Conceptual Design    : Services

Studies of how, and how many, micro units to incorporate on a 10,000 s.f. urban infill site on a typical downtown San Diego block.  These studies intend to answer the question of how to combine livable dwelling units on the micro scale with an urban mixed-use context.

Shown here is a sketch of a solution that is composed of 138 studio units ranging from 250 s.f. to 280 s.f.  Each unit includes a private balcony, with ground floor units sharing a common garden space within the courtyard.  A 670 s.f. roof deck sits above the bridge units which float over the entry portal and, in the case of the location of this particular site, faces south and is graced with full-sun throughout the middle of the day.