Park(ing) Day

Culture ; Community ; Urban

N/A    :  Client
San Francisco, California    : Location
200 s.f.    :  Program
Design-Build    : Services

Park(ing) Day, originally dreamed up in 2005 by the Rebar Group right here in San Francisco, is an international event that happens every third Friday of September. Members of the community take over a parking spot for the day and create a public space for the community to enjoy.

At 1831 Powell Street, over 1200 two-foot long cardboard tubes and nearly 4,000 paper binder clips were combined to create a structurally sound, rolling landscape that morphed into seats, benches, hills and valleys, perfect for catching some sun, a conversation or even perfecting your somersaulting skills.

We had a great time making this installation and found out some interesting facts along the way. For example, did you know San Francisco has 441,950 publicly accessible parking spaces and (in 2015) only 51 permanent parklets? Something to think about!