Hall of Champions

Culture ; Community ; Rehabilitation

San Diego Hall of Champions    :  Client
San Diego, California    : Location
67,000 s.f.    :  Program
Full Architectural Services    : Services

Athletic performance is the challenge of harmoniously combining the mind with the physical body. This modern museum and exhibition space reflects these goals. The fully restored 1935 Federal Building in San Diego’s Balboa Park retains the historically important Mayan-inspired exterior while containing an open and inviting sports museum within.

An arena and theater provide a venue for experiencing past athletic feats through state-of-the-art multimedia entertainment. Visitors enter through a wedge-shaped opening, modeled after the Palace of Governors at Uxmal.

Once inside, sight lines open to the expansive interior space framed by a 75-foot-long steel bridge connecting to a dramatic staircase into the museum. Catwalks intersecting the room offer a multi-perspective view of the exhibits spread across three levels. With spacious, sixty-foot ceilings, the museum is an inviting showcase for memorabilia celebrating San Diego’s greatest sports heroes.

The clean and interactive experience of the design offers an understated way for visitors to be transported back in time to relive great moments of San Diego’s sports history.