Filmhouse X

Interior Architecture ; Office

Cypress Properties Group    :   Client
San Francisco, California    : Location
2,200 s.f.    :  Program
Interior Architectural Services    : Services

The shell space is located in the center of the fourth floor and has existing windows at the west wall with unique urban views of Chinatown and Russian Hill. On the east side is a common corridor and elevator lobby with a window facing Telegraph Hill and the Bay Bridge. Ten offices are located around the perimeter of the shell space with an informal meeting area and coffee bar. All offices have full-height windows to create the feeling of a larger collective office while providing privacy for individual spaces. The east entry wall is full height glass which allows for views of the Bay Bridge from the coffee bar and central meeting area.

The west offices also have full-height windows that allow for daylighting from the west to the interior common area. The project achieves a larger collective presence and scale within a compact interior space through judicious use of off-the-shelf window systems, light fixtures, and exposed structural and mechanical systems.