Bleacher Report

Interior Architecture ; Office

Bleacher Report, Inc.    :   Client
San Francisco, California    : Location
12,000 s.f.    :  Program
Interior Architectural Services     : Services

Bleacher Report is an American digital media company based in San Francisco, merging sports journalism with emerging social media platforms. Located in the historic 1910 Sherman Clay Piano building in downtown San Francisco, the new headquarters provides open offices, meeting rooms, lounges and a state-of-the-art video studio with edit bays.

The company’s culture is defined by an atmospheric vibrancy and energy which is amplified by the building’s high ceilings, abundant natural daylight, and bold color scheme.

Sports metaphors organize the spaces with references to “playing fields”, “end zones”, “turf”, and “rings”. Common meeting rooms are identified by paintings of sports icons while team colors further accent the rooms. The reception desk and board room table are custom designed and fabricated from recycled bowling alleys.