Atomic Labs

Interior Architecture ; Office

Atomic Labs    :   Client
San Francisco, California    : Location
10,230 s.f.    :  Program
Interior Architectural Services    : Services

Atomic Labs is a company builder and venture fund all in one. Atomic prototypes new companies and assembles teams to develop the most promising ideas into independent ventures.

The program required a variety of spaces that allow Atomic to assemble start up teams in small spaces and transition them as needed into larger private spaces. The program also required ancillary spaces including: a gracious reception area, generous circulation paths, a centralized break area, intimate conversation alcoves and small meeting rooms.

The office building is located in the bucolic Presidio of San Francisco with commanding views of the San Francisco Bay and the iconic Palace of Fine Arts and therefore accessing these views and optimizing daylight were mandatory. The design provides an armature that allows for the scaling of organizations, from incubator teams to larger fully functioning companies, while maintaining privacy for each individual group. Instead of one large open office area, the perimeter spaces were divided into spacious generic work rooms. The design provides cohesive common spaces while allowing individual companies to particularize their spaces as needed.