999 Brannan

Commercial ; Urban

Barry Sherman    :  Clients
The Hoffman Company              
San Francisco, California    : Location
150,000 s.f.    :  Program
Full Architectural Services    : Services

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Progressive Architecture              

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Defined by the unique skin of the striking, amorphous, glass-block exterior wall, 999 Brannan achieves a harmonious balance between space, light and transparency. In addition to its distinctive curb appeal, the glass block façade is an example of pragmatic sustainable design. Simultaneously maximizing daylight to interior spaces while providing high-thermal insulation, the glass blocks and mortar joints passively cool the building. The egg crate shaped glass curtain creates a high shading coefficient that lowers energy use for the entire structure. Because of this efficiency, there is no need for interior shading devices.

Conforming to the irregular triangular lot within a warehouse district of San Francisco, the design reinterprets the old masonry buildings of the neighborhood. Originally conceived as a showroom, the interior basks in the natural light provided by a 4-story skylight that illuminates a central atrium and café.